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Play8oy Casino

Play8oy Casino is also known as PlayBoy888 Casino or just PlayBoy. It is an online casino that provides more than 80 games and it’s similar to ClubSunCity Casino. The difference between these two casinos are the logos. Play8oy Casino shares the same games as ClubSunCity Casino. The layout of the game menu in Play8oy Casino is really attractive and seducing as it features a pink silhouette of ladies posing in the background.

You can get PlayBoy888 here at SCR888 Online. We provide the original version and it’s free here at SCR888 Online. In the game menu of PlayBoy888 Casino, there are a few sections such as Hot Games, New Games, Video Slots, Multi-Player Games, Arcade Games and Live Dealers to choose from. Each of these sections in the game menu has plenty of games to play.

PlayBoy888 Casino is famous for multiplayer games such as Animal Band Game, Crazy Shark Fishing Game and Rush 6 Horse Racing Game. Usually, you will find these games at the “illegal gambling dens” or we can just call them Gambling Shops. The games will be installed on a gaming console or machine in the Gambling Shop.

So, for you to play these games, you would need to drive all the way to the shop and go through the hassle to find a parking spot. And then, walk into the shop feeling insecure because at any time there could be a police raid about to happen. But now, there is PlayBoy888 Casino and you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is just download PlayBoy888 Casino on your phone and you can start playing. It’s much easier than going to the Gambling Shop. Below will be the advantages of playing at PlayBoy888 Casino.

Play8oy Casino: Advantages

Playing at PlayBoy888 Casino is one of the most popular activities nowadays in Malaysia and many Malaysians log on to PlayBoy888 Casino almost every day. Players play for fun, to earn a side income, for an hour of a gaming session or for hours, it doesn’t matter because PlayBoy888 Casino has many advantages to it. Playing at PlayBoy888 Casino is an exciting and incredible experience. Definitely way better compared to the Gambling Shop.

Below are the advantages of playing at PlayBoy888 Casino:

  • Convenient – The number one reason that most people prefer PlayBoy888 Casino to live gambling is the convenience. At PlayBoy888 Casino, you can gamble from your home at any time of the day or night. Sometimes, as a stand-alone activity and other times while watching television. You can log on for five minutes or an hour, as well as log off whenever something else comes up. It is a complete gambling experience from the comfort of your home.
  • Special Promotions and Bonuses – When you deposit money at PlayBoy888 Casino, there will always be a welcome bonus to entice you. Welcome bonuses can range from 50 percent of a deposit to a 100 percent match bonus. As you play games, you earn points toward your bonus, and the money is incrementally put into your PlayBoy888 Casino account.
  • Wide Variety of Games – Gambling Shops do offer a variety of games, but they can’t compare to the choices that PlayBoy888 Casino offers you. PlayBoy888 has plenty of games, including several versions of blackjack, roulette and slot game. Plus, if you really want the live casino experience, try playing in some of the Live Dealer games.
  • Comfortable When You Play – Most people prefer to gamble in private and at the time and place of their own choosing. This also means that they can wear anything they choose, whether it is pajamas or their work clothes.
  • Huge Selection of Deposit Options – Gambling Shops require cash to play any of the games in their establishments. PlayBoy888 Casino, on the other hand, offers several options for funding a bank account. PlayBoy888 Casino has three major bank accounts and a few payment methods for their players.

Play8oy Casino: What Are The Games Offered?

There are so many games to choose from at PlayBoy888 Casino but what are the best games to play? Here we will list the best games to play and probably you might end up being rich overnight. Not only are we listing down the fun games but also the games that have the best payouts.

We got this statistic data from PlayBoy888 Casino and to pull up this data, we searched for the most played games from 1st January 2017 until 31st October 2017. So are you ready? Go download PlayBoy888 Casino and deposit some money into that account because you are about to make a load of money just by playing these games.

Play8oy Golden Rooster

Play8oy Golden Rooster slot game is your standard 5 reels, 3 rows, 243 ways to win the game. Which means that you won’t need to worry about paylines. Simply line up matching symbols anywhere on the reels from left to right and you’ll win.

Set on a background of some rather fecund farmland, the reels spin on a red hen house with a bright blue background that really helps the symbols to pop out at you.  The visuals have a fun animated feel and you get to play along to a jaunty whistle-heavy soundtrack.

Play8oy Fortune Panda

The amazing Play8oy Fortune Panda slot game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 50 fixed paylines. PlayBoy888 Casino invites you to Chinese bamboo jungle if you like wildlife and slot games. The cute furry panda will bring you luck if you try this great slot game! Use Ying-Yang symbols to lure the cute panda and launch the free spins feature! The 1, 2, and 3 reels are reserved for the image of the Ying-Yang symbol.

Once 3 of them lands there you will be granted 10 free games to play. And now the cute panda will help you to obtain really amazing winnings! Any image of the panda occurring on the screen will remain there until the bonus game ends. You can restart the bonus feature using Ying-Yang symbols. Panda can act as any icon except the Ying-Yang and shows up on the 2, 3, 4, and 5 reels only.

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