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NTC33 Casino

NTC33 Casino is also known as NewTown Casino. It has been in Malaysia for quite some time already. NTC33 Casino is famous for its live casino. It has all the casino games in it and you can play them with a live dealer in front of your screen. Think about it, online gambling meets live casino. The amazing journey awaits you. Not only that, there are also slot games at NTC33 Casino. There are more than 100 games at NTC33 Casino. You will have plenty of fun at NewTown Casino. We will tell you about the advantages of playing at NewTown Casino and recommend you to some of the best games to play with awesome payouts. You can always try these games out and who knows, you might make some extra money.

NTC33 Casino: Costs

If you want to play at Genting Casinos, you would need to drive all the way up to Genting and pass a few tolls and definitely pay for petrol. Not only that, it is time-consuming as well. You also need to dress well to enter the casino. And once you are done gambling and want to rest, you’ll definitely need to pay for the hotel. All these consume money and time. But if you are playing at NewTown Casino, all you need to do is just download the NewTown Casino app and you can start playing at anywhere and anytime. It saves you on the petrol costs, tolls and hotel fees. Not only that, you will also save time as you don’t need to drive or dress nicely to play at NewTown Casino.

NTC33 Casino: Convenience

It’s really convenient if you want to play at NewTown Casino. As long as you have Internet access, you can play at NewTown Casino. This advantage also relates to the cost. If you can play this on your mobile phone or computer, it definitely saves costs as you don’t have to travel to go to your favourite casino. Just download the app and you are good to go. In this modern era, we believe that everyone would have data anywhere they go and you wouldn’t even need to depend on Wi-Fi. So, it’s safe to say you can play at NewTown Casino at almost any time of the day.

NTC33 Casino: Variety Of Games

Here at NewTown Casino, there are over 100 games to play. In that 100 games, 60 of them are slot games. This means that you have a wide variety of games. You can start by playing a slot game first and then, later on, move to the Live Dealers or you can just opt to play both. If you can multitask really well, just go for two games at one time. It’s like killing two birds with 1 stone. And there is an advantage in playing 2 games in one go. If you lose in 1 game, you might win at the other or vice versa. What would be recommended is that you play 1 slot game and let it go on Auto-Spin, while another game you just stick to the Live Dealers. That would be way more interesting.

NTC33 Geisha Story

NTC33 Geisha Story is a slot game with 5 reels and 15 paylines. This slot game is inspired by the oriental entertaining girls known as Geishas. The slot game has a short intro manga-inspired movie. Everything is coloured in pastel colours and all symbols are theme related. The reels are set against the backdrop of cherry blossoms. Give this slot game a spin now here at NewTown Casino.

Before you decide to go and see what Geishas are all about, you are advised to set your bets. By clicking on +/- you will control your bet size which ranges from RM0.01 to RM2. Select Lines is to set the number of lines you wish to bet, and Bet Max option will set the maximum bet. Bet per Line will set the number of coins per line. Spin will set the reels in motion once after you choose your betting range. You can use Auto Play to spin the reels without interruption for a number of times.

The Warrior is the Wild symbol in the game and it can substitute for any symbol in the game except for the Scatter and the bonus symbol. Also, the symbol can form its own winning combos. For 5 Wild symbols on an active line, you can win RM10,000. A Wiseman is the Scatter symbol and it can form Scatter wins. All of the Scatter payouts will multiply the total bet and add to the line wins.

NTC33 Fortune Jump

Well, NTC33 Fortune Jump is going to bring you some perks, in a game. This is an oriental world, with colourful letters and symbols. The spirit of the Orient comes with a pagoda in this game with 5 reels and 40 paylines. What is more interesting there is a dragon as the frame of the reels and paylines combination. So take the challenge of this game by NewTown Casino. Spin the reels, take advantage of the Wild and what it can award you with, with 3 at least of the game’s Wilds on a payline.

On the screen which introduces the game, a jumping Koi Carp will show off its capability. This fish will appear in the bonus features for this game. Other symbols you will play with are a Koi pond, a green lantern with an inscription, a wave, and a silver ball held in a claw. There, too, are lower value symbols J, K, Q. You have the Bet Max option at your disposal, too. There is Auto Play for experts whose preference is for this type of gaming.

The Wild, the important symbol replacing all other ones in NTC33 Fortune Jump, is the Golden Koi. You simply cannot miss the advantages brought by the Scatter, too. The Scatter is the Chinese dollar. It is the key to the activation of the NTC33 Fortune Jump bonus. For the bonus, you will need 4 matching symbols. With them, you will activate the gold box that you see to the right of the game’s reels. As the box opens, you can see two symbols come out.

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