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GreatWall99 Casino

GreatWall99 Casino is also known as GW99 or Great Wall 99. But many Malaysians will just call it GreatWall99 Casino. It is an online casino which is almost similar to NewTown Casino. There are over 50 games in GW99 which means you will not get bored playing at GW99. It is an easy and simple platform that is well-designed for casino games purpose. GreatWall99 Casino is really user-friendly.

There are lesser game selections, but all of which are highly exclusive and unique in its own way. The progressive jackpots are not available. But not to worry, players can still get their rewards through free bonus games and free game spins in the slot games of GW99. In GreatWall99, some of its best games are under multiplayer game mode such as Ocean King 3 and Wukong.

GW99 can be played on a desktop or laptop, an Android smartphone, a tablet, an iPhone or an iPad. It supports the PC version, Android version, and iOS version. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to play GW99 on a gadget. There are many advantages when you play at GreatWall99 Casino such as it has many distinctive slot games, numerous free spins bonuses in its slots, can be played on all gadgets and mobile devices and it is uncomplicated to download and play.

GreatWall99 Casino: What Are The Advantages?

These are just some of the advantages of playing at GreatWall99 Casino which you should consider before opting for it. Usually, players don’t find it worthy, as according to them GreatWall99 Casino does not hold that much importance like Genting Casinos do. So here are some points which can tell you the worthiness of GreatWall99 Casino:

  • Everything gets recorded. Even if you are playing at GW99 on your desktop, tablet or iPhone, your game statistics get recorded as and when you play. The GW99 has a reliable computerized system that saves all your data while you are playing.
  • You can have a more in-depth look at the games that you wish to play. One of the best things about GW99 is that you don’t have to place a bet to see the future result. You can always get to the Live Dealers section at the GW99 game menu and view the current playing games. There are plenty of casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, sic bo and plenty more. Just go into the game and wait till the other players bet and you will have a chance to view the next result.
  • You can play GW99 at anywhere and anytime. If you get bored at your workstation or while traveling, you can always play at GreatWall99 Casino. You don’t even need to step inside Genting Casinos to play your favourite casino game. As long as you have Internet, you can always play at GW99.

GreatWall99 Casino: What Are The Best Games?

There are quite a number of games to play at GW99 but we will recommend some of the best games to play at GW99. Not only that the games we are going to mention are fun to play but it also has a lucrative payout. The two games that we mention below are taken from a statistic data according to the most played games in GW99. It is the data from January of 2017 until October of 2017.

You can try out the games that we recommend here at SCR888 Online and we assure you, that you will definitely love it. It is really entertaining and the payouts are ridiculously enormous. And on an added note, you can make a side income out of playing these games that we are going to tell you. You don’t need a large capital, probably about RM30 and you might cash out with roughly about RM500. It really depends on your luck. Come and give these games a try!

GW99 Ocean King 3

The latest in the long line of the successful GW99 Ocean King franchise. We now have available the Ocean King 3: Monster Awaken and Ocean King 3: Turtles Revenge. It’s a 6 to 10 players arcade style fish hunting game in which players must face the ocean’s most fearsome monsters. The game controls and gameplay concept are essentially the same. Making the change over quite smooth. However, this edition is far more action-packed. GW99 Ocean King 3 sees 16-17 returning characters, plus several new ones and six boss characters!

The return of the Lightning Chain feature as well as a slew of new features. A new arsenal of powerful weapons and brand new mini-games make GW99 Ocean King 3 the most fun and exciting GW99 Ocean King game to date! Catch fish, win games, and fight off the six big boss characters to complete stages! The game is available in GW99.

GW99 Wukong

In phase one of the GW99 Wukong, players will be given the opportunity to bet their money on any characters of their choice. After completing this step, the game then shifts into phase two and GW99 Wukong starts flying around the world. With plenty of entertaining animation and quirky dialogue thrown in.

In this phase, touching the screen will set off the rectangular reel. Which then starts to go round the characters that are arranged around the screen before randomly stopping on one. Points are then awarded to the player’s total score. The amount of which is a base point value multiplied by how many characters the player had bet on in phase one.

Eventually, GW99 Wukong will encounter various baddies which shifts the game into phase three, combat. It’s fully animated and extremely fun to watch. Combat in GW99 Wukong is with plenty of special effects and animations that empower the character’s special powers and hand-to-hand skills. And it will be using the same rotating reel from phase two. The techniques and powers that GW99 Wukong uses are where the game elements come in again.

Touching the screen sets off the rectangular reel that spins around before randomly stopping on a tile. And the power of an attack is determined by the final combination of tiles multiplied by the number of bets on the tiles had received in phase one.

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